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Michigan Sprinkler Winterization Blowouts

Winterization - Prime Irrigation will Blowout Your Lawn Sprinkler System for the Colder Months & Prime Irrigation is excited to offer our winterization and blowout services to prepare your Irrigation System for the colder months in Michigan.

It’s time to winterize or blow out your sprinkler system in Michigan.
In Michigan, irrigation and lawn sprinkler systems must be winterized to prevent damage from freezing weather.
When water freezes, it expands.
Pipes, fittings, and sprinkler housing all experience cracking as a result of this expansion.
You can save money in the spring by safeguarding your irrigation system by taking the appropriate precautions in the autumn.

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Spring Start-Ups and Sprinkler System Winterization Blowouts

Michigan Sprinkler Winterization Blowout

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